Sunday, September 11, 2011

Urination Nation

Like I said earlier I really can not stand relationships but I do have friendly relationships with all the boys in my life.  I still talk and occasionally hangout with the boy I lost my virginity too, he obviously was a total all state lax bro.We have really good chemistry and we literally grew up together we have known each other since we were 5 we went to the same grade school and high school.  One night I was visiting the school he went to with some of my friends and he happened to be at the same party I was at.  We started talking and catching up and well clearly we both knew we would end up hooking up just because of our past history whenever were out and we see each other shit goes down and by shit I mean my mouth to his penis. 
He tells me that I can come back to his apartment and just sleep there. I never choose sex over friends but I wanted it, bad. So I gathered the girls and made sure it was okay I left and told them that we can join back up in the AM.  Now the sex was cool and great whatever but that is not the point of this story.  
We pass out as soon as we finish. Three hours later I wake up with a warm sensation on me.  This bro is literally peeing on my side of the bed. Like he got out of bed stood up and as if my side of the bed was the toilet PISSED ALL OVER ME.  ALLLLL over his bedding, my clothes, his clothes, it went into his storage bins, literally everywhere.  Now I yell at him at this point and time but he does not even my existence.  We wake up in the morning and he gets up looks around and goes what happened when we went to sleep? I was like are you fucking serious? You do not remember pissing out 5 million gallons of jungle juice?  He had no all. He ended up feeling really bad and washed my clothes which me which was a huge but nice surprise.  However, whenever I visit that school and I introduce myself they say "oh you're the girl (insert bro's name here) peed all over".  Awesome.

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