Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Very Cherry

The kid I was hooking up went with all his brothers and little pledges to Philly for the day and they clearly had to stop at Condom Kingdom on South Street. For those not familiar with Condom Kingdom it’s a sex store in Philly that sells all different types of sex accessories, condoms, lube, toys, etc. “Kevin” texted me saying he was there and I told him I wanted to try some new lubes. We hung out later that weekend and he probably had 20 different types of the samples. We tried a flavored one to spice up the oral.  I am not one of these girls that thinks going down on boys is gross and won’t ever do it. I think its fun and a good part of a satisfying sex life. So he hands me a packet telling me its fruit punch. So whatever, I put it on it tastes pretty good, it’s different.             
After that’s done we start hooking up again. I start to feel really…..weird. My eyes start watering, my face gets itchy and my throat starts REALLY itching. I tell “Kevin” how I am feeling and he looks at me and says my lips have become seriously “dsl’s” and they have become like twice the size. I start freaking out.
 Now let me mention something here, I am extremely allergic to cherry flavoring. I can handle a real cherry but cherry flavoring does not do well with my throat, eyes or skin. I cannot handle cherry lollipops, cherry medicine even cherry lip balm swells my lips.  I always keep Benadryl on me and there is usually an epi-pen in my car. I check the packet that “Kevin” swore he thought was fruit punch when in reality it was cherry punch.  No I am not mad at “Kevin” because we don’t really talk about things like allergies and things of personal nature.  However, I would have liked to be informed of what I was ingesting.
Back to the story. I start freaking out and obviously call my Mom. I clearly do not tell my mom the real reason I just say I had some cherry drink at a party and was starting to feel sick. She said it was probably too late for Benadryl and that I had to use my epi pen.  Two things, I FUCKING HATE NEEDLES, I am a fucking grown adult and I still make my mom come to the doctors with me because I pass out, I pass out during x-rays, I am a serious baby, secondly I have never used my epi pen even though I know how to use it. I make “Kevin” run out to my car and get it.  He brings it in and hands it to me. I realize that there is no fucking way I am doing this to myself. I tell Kevin he either has to do it or my throat will legitimately closed. He stabs my thigh and I clearly pass out.  I come too five minutes later.  I can feel my body feeling a little more normal and take a Benadryl just to help me feel a little better.  I am not one to stay at Kevin’s but no way was I driving home after this disastrous night. I slept there and we woke up and laughed about it in the morning. Needless to say I will be issuing a medical history to all of my slam pieces just to make nothing like this ever happens again.

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